Thursday, June 16, 2011


Now that summer is officially here, I got around to finishing the smaller penny rug. I really wanted the pattern for a larger penny rug, so I enlarged it on a copier, and added some extra length to the middle section. I need to get more green floss for the leaves, but it's another project that I started. =)
This is sitting in the middle of my living room, taking up all the extra space. It's a faucet and vanity top for our upstairs bathroom. There's a smaller bathroom downstairs that I still need to buy an extra faucet for, so that I can call someone to install them.
I finished binding the second little rug that I hooked. On this binding, I did something different. Instead of added cording and whip stitching, I simply turned under the edge, used a piece of black wood instead of cotton twill tape,and whip stitched together using strips of black wool. (I'm trying to upload a photo of the binding in progress, but blogger won't let me) I really like this edging for a small piece, as it's not bulky. It gets me inspired to do a few more projects!

Now to find the time for more projects. I end up driving the kids back and forth to drivers ed. Then at the end of June, I'll be a teacher's aide for summer school. It's a new experience for me, but I'm looking forward to it. (especially since I found out my youngest needs orthodontic work - soon. I already have 2 in braces currently) I'm hoping that this job experience will lead to something else when school begins.

Hope you're having a great summer!
~*~ Laura ~*~


Linda said...

Love the penny rug design. You do such lovely work. Good luck with the new job this summer.

Courtney said...

The pennies are perfect and I can't wait to see this new binding thing...sounds intriguing!
Good luck with the sink and faucet!

Anonymous said...

The wool mats and hooked house look good. Hard to work on those types of projects when you are driving kids around! Happy Summer! ;-D

Anonymous said...

The Foxy Ladies were looking through the vendor list and it looked like 3 would have hooking supplies for sure. There are a lot of "multi craft" vendors who probably will as well. You should find something fun to look at or buy for sure! ;-D