Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More thrift finds

I decided to add a coat of dark walnut stain to the birdhouse. It was just too plain beforehand. I even stained the little bird to tone down the green in it. It now looks a little more aged, and a little less manufactured. I put the birdhouse on my kitchen shelf. I will replace the old plate with a stitchery. I'm trying to mix and layer the items on the shelf ~ a little wood, glass, metal, and fabric. The stitchery will be framed and add to the layer look in the back of the shelf. Now to find a graphic that I like and make something for myself!

Early this week, I had about 10 minutes in between errands and picking up kids. I didn't have time to stop home for all of 60 seconds, so I decided to stop into a local resale shop. I never find much at this shop, but on Monday, this little shelf/cabinet caught my eye. It does have 2 holes drilled into the back to hang on the wall, but I'm thinking of sitting it on the kitchen counter to hold all the clutter that accumulates there. The little gold drawer pull will have to go, as well as the stain. I'll keep it on the counter until I get around to re-doing this one.

On Sunday, I went to my favorite resale/antique store's open house. (Carriage House Antiques) It's a small store, but filled with lots of good stuff! I found another old grater to save for a punch needle project. I also found this cute garland with snowmen and stars. I put it on my dining room shelf to finish that display. (I still need to paint the frame on the cross stitch, as the shiny oak just doesn't coordinate)

We had our first big snow storm yesterday and today. The kids were disappointed that school wasn't canceled. But, after school, James was happy to go outside and build a snow fort. Last night he said he wants to live in Canada. When I asked why, he said so he could play in the snow more often. I think he's part Eskimo!

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