Sunday, September 8, 2013

Log cabin quilt

 I went to my local quilt shop yesterday and chose some Moda fabric for the quilt. I found this Moda jelly roll in shades of blue, brown, and cream. The red fabric is for the center blocks and stars.

The cutting took no time at all, since the 2 1/2 strips were already cut. The hardest part was diving the fabric into dark/lights. Then laying out the 16 squares and using different fabrics in each square. I tried to vary large and small prints, and get different colors in each. Since the jelly roll had all different fabrics, it's going to be a very scrappy looking quilt.

I haven't sewn a quilt in quite a few years. I've always tried to get even edges, but haven't succeeded. So, I just ordered a new 1/4" quilt foot for my sewing machine. For $6, it's worth a try. Now to wait for it to arrive in the mail this week. :)

~*~ Laura ~*~

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Kellie from Indiana said...

Very pretty fabric and colors! Hope to see the progress. Looks like its going to be real pretty!