Saturday, July 27, 2013

~*~ Christmas in July ~*~

 It's Christmas in July! I listed some holiday items last Sunday evening on Ebay. Hop on over to my listings to check them out. I have the set of 3 Santa ornies, this candle mat below, as well as some baby afghans.

I started a small fall pumpkin mat. I just finished the background today. Just need more orange wool to finish the pumpkin. It's 8x8, so it's a small, beginner mat.  I might try selling a couple patterns or kits on Ebay. But first, I have to get this one done.

 Earlier in the week I completed this snowman pillow. I had the wool stitchery front sitting in a drawer, and just didn't know how I wanted to finish it.

Then I saw this piece of black plaid wool in my stash, and it caught my eye. Perfect for the backing of a pillow! I used some primitive stitching on the edges, and stuffed it with wool snippets.


 The next project to complete are these cross stitch pieces. I'm thinking of making them into mini pillows ~ similar to the one above.

I haven't bought a sewing machine (no money ~another unexpected car repair~ gotta love older vehicles!). I did start looking on Ebay to see what used ones sell for. That got me into Joann's to look at new Viking machines. Gee, if I bought a new machine for myself, my old one could go to my sister. (she doesn't sew much) Guess I better save up~ the ones I like are $$$ !

~~* Laura~*~


Patty Sumner said...

Beautiful things! How you do so much is amazing. Makes me want to put up a tree. Blessings!

Kellie from Indiana said...

Love your finished works! Sorry Im just now seeing this I havent had time to read my favorite blogs till now. The snowman is soo cute, isnt it funny how inspiration strikes?!