Friday, February 15, 2013


 I'm back! I've been spending a lot of time doing other stuff, and have ignored blogging, crafting, and hooking. But, this is a 5 day weekend for me. Parent/teacher conferences give me 2 days off, and Monday is Presidents Day. So, it's a great time to delve into dyeing. I wanted to start with the greens, as I had the dyes on hand. The middle 2 colors are the middle value, and then I tried a lighter and dark value on the right. The left 2 are a different color. One was cotton eyed joe wool, and the other a khaki to start. It's amazing how different they turn out, but were done in the same pot.

Tonight I cut them, and am set to start! All this green gets me ready for spring. I heard a cardinal chirping this morning. Spring can't be too far away.

This week was a little busy. At Scouts, it was a Court of Honor, and James had a long speaking part. He did great! Now I need to get going planning an Eagle Scout ceremony for his older brother. Never a dull moment around here.

I"m off to try out my greens!

~*~ Laura ~*~

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annie said...

love the greens!
nothing like a scout moving up the ranks! my son got his eagle a few years in 2010. very proud of all of our scouts, my husband is an assistant scout master & round table commissioner. good for your boys!