Friday, May 20, 2011

Almost Summer Vacation

I'm counting the days until summer vacation - 8 more work days to go! (I have a couple personal days, so I can't count them) I had started out the year working just 10 hrs a week during lunch at school. Since February, I've picked up another 9 hrs a week being a substitute one-on-one bus aide. I don't mind the extra $, and it's still during school hours/days. I'm hoping I'll get some hours/work this summer, too. But, I'll have a few projects to keep me busy. I haven't done much else around here. My bathroom vanity is still waiting for a coat of pure white paint.

The over the toilet cabinet that I currently have upstairs will be replaced. The current one looks good in the photo, but the sides are all a lightweight plastic. The plastic yellowed with age, so I painted it a few years ago. The inside is yellow, and I'm afraid some might start cracking and falling apart pretty soon.

So, I was looking around at a few stores for replacements. Since the sink vanity will be white, I wanted something to paint to coordinate. I managed to find this study oak piece at my local Goodwill last week. I just need to paint. Not bad for $9.99.
I still need to finish the rug I'm working on. I really am liking this second one more than the first one. I think it's the way I'm hooking the background. I'm trying to do more "rows" to fill in, since the rug is small. I think it just makes it look a bit neater. I'm hoping I'm motivated to get it done this weekend,as I don't have many plans.

Hope you are all having a wonderful spring weekend!

~*~ Laura ~*~


Primitives By The Light of The Moon said...

The new lil' cabinet was quite a find. Glad summer vacation is just about here! Have a wonderful weekend.

Courtney said...

You guys get out early! We still have 5 weeks to go. I think you really scored with that Goodwill cabinet. It'll look great all painted up and in the bath!
Have a great weekend.

adailydoseoffiber said...

Well happy hooking! I hope you get the mat done. Let me know if you'd like help planning an "actual" rug! It's very satisfying to walk on a rug you've hooked. Do you think summer is ever coming to Chicagoland???